Vision Over MMORPGs Part 1

This is a special topic dedicated to MMORPGs . I wont make reviews about MMORPG because I consider that are lots of blogs and a lot of advertising concerning them . Instead I will analyze the way this games behave player wise and economical wise .

History lesson number 1 :

he first game that could be played online and could sustain about 12 people was Mazewar , back in 1970s . The Realm Online appeared in 1995 and may be credited with bringing the genre to a wider player-base , but the father of MMORPG is considered Ultima Online (1997) fallowed by Ever Quest (1998).

Players interacting in Ultima Online

Why is everyone into it ?

irst , there is a chance that 'everyone' is not exactly correct . The reason why most of people dig MMORPG is because what they offer . There are people that have poor social skills , this genre encourage them to increase social skills . But most of the people are there because of the incredible immersion that this games create . The fact that you can join with you're friends some raid groups , instances (i.e. dungeon) and defeat mighty foes and ultimately receive great rewards is something unmatched by single player games of any kind . In fact , the most substantial difference between MMORPGs and the rest of the non-online games is the social factor . People play them because they wanna be the best , they want to see other people admiring them for what they achieved .

Why RPG ?

The RPG or role playing game is the cream of the games in my humble opinion . Why is that ? Simple . Role Playing covers all the basic needs of a player (casual or hardcore) :

1. Every man dreams to be a hero . RPGs are excelling in this feature .
2. Everyone is curious , wants to discover things , it's in our blood . A good RPG has plenty of places to explore , things to find and use .
3. The adventure and the odyseal voyage . Who doesn't dream to take matters in his own hands and go out into the world to meet new people , do tasks and finally become someone with a good renown ? RPG is again the answer .
4. The desire to fight , to be a hero , the adrenaline rush . From little children we played different games that mimic the eternal battle between good and evil . Now , as we are a 'little' older we enjoy the same feeling through the means of the computer , consoles .

As you can see the RPG is a perfect pack of pure 'mana' for the hart and mind .

This concludes the first part of the Vision Over MMORPGs series . In the next part , Vision Over MMORPGs Part II , we shall analyze how single player RPG meets cooperative table top games and together , by extending them on the net , they turn into MMORPGs as we know them .


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Not too bad of an explanation, but you may want to correct you grammar and spelling a bit.