Preview : Castle Crashers

Preview is just theoretical because the game's launch date is : 08.27.2008 . Which , yes , it means that the game is launched for a couple of hours but because I could't buy the game , play it and then review it in this time , I will just make a short preview .

Did you ever felt bored ? Ever needed a fast paced game , with funny graphics , fully packed action and filled with content ? Well , Castle Crashers is a game perfect for those moments . It is so easy to learn the controls while mastering them is a total different thing . The game is a return of a retro-theme that was on it's peak 12 years ago . When I just started to loose faith in the video and computer game industry , Beowulf and Castle Crashers made my day . After seeing the clip that I attached to the article , I know that the first thing that I must do tomorrow is to order Castle Crashers . For the younger players , this game is like a good shake between Diablo III and Mario . So basicly you can play as a barbarian-plumber , amazon-with-mustache or fat-sorceress .

The game clearly guarantees hours and hours of fun together with the friends or against them . I really loved the level design which is varies from river , mountains, desert , tribal villages , barbaric settlement , battlefield etc . The background of the levels speaks for itself : like on the battlefield , in the background there are stylized troops with pikes that march . The enemies are varied : undead , chieftain , barbarians , animals , mechanical robots , mechanized weapons etc.

All in all , this game is perfect and I recommend it to anyone regardless of age .