Review : Guitar Hero III

Stretching my fingers and pulling the ..... mouse buttons .

First thing that impressed me at this game was the playlist which is very well built , containing songs from very well know guitarists and rock bands . Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Johnson, The Killers, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Rage Against the Machine, Muse, Black Sabbath , Metallica and Rhapsody of Fire are just a few of the bands included . As you figured out the songs are carefully selected to appeal to a vast majority of the audience .

It is true that not all the songs are original and many are re-recorded but they still sound good so it's impossible to feel the difference . There were songs which I really didn't enjoyed like the ones from Slipknot and Slayer , and there were damn hard also ( I must warn you that I pretty suck at this kind of games ) .

And now , toward the most important section of the article . It will contain a lot of professional therms from the artistic area .

The game is well synchronized with the song that is interpreted . „The musical notes” are coming on the way down on the „fretboard”, and you must press each corresponding key and sometimes the „strum”. It sounds harder than it is in reality , but the game is still hard to play especially on the "Normal" and "Hard" mode . The game is even easily with the guitar controller but I didn't had the money to buy one just to test the game .

„Hammer-on” and „Pull-off” are relatively hard to obtain but are essetial in many solos of the game . You can compare these combos with the ones like Tony Hawk or Underground which is relevant because they are made by the same company Neversoft. Thus , many options from these games are making their presence felt in this game : buying new songs , better cloths , guitars etc .

Final 'tunes'

The entire band reacts like in real life . Lypsync , drum singing and even the pesky little singer does his part by animating the crowd and showing them rock signs , jumping around , all on the song tune . The best part is that everything is made through motion-capture so it looks natural .

Guitar Hero is just a game and I , as an amator (real) guitar player I can tell you it has almost nothing to do with the real instrument . Still , as I said , it is a game , and a funny and enjoyable one so if you ever wan't to feel like a rock star don't hesitate to play it . You will be as close as possible to reality .


Rating 7.5