Browser game : Adventure Quest

Adventure Quest, or, Battle-On, is a classical RPG point and click game that you can play in you're browser using Shockwave Flash . This game was designed to play at dull or boring times of your life, like when you're at work or at home with nothing to do. Though it's a fun game, I usually play other games during my spare time. Should you become a member on this game, well, I think yes, you should, why, because it's almost impossible to log in and members have over eight tenths more of the game then non members, and its much more fun and exciting, also, its only a one time fee, and if you do, then you can join Dragon Fable which is made by the same people and is like 100 times better then this, well, lets get to rating the game!


Graphics 7/10 - Why do I rate it 7, well, they are not that good, there's really no leg movement, actually, it seems like the arms just move up and down and your whole body turns sideways when ever you attack someone . Anyway , concerning the fact that is a browser game made in 2002 , I guess you could accept them .

Sound 5/10: There's almost no music. And there are only a few sound effects that happen in rare moments, (though, the sound effects are good) . Sounds are easily supported by browser so this is no excuse for the developers .

Storyline 5/10: It's kind of hard to go along with the story. You're a paladin that waits until a war starts and then you fight on a certain side. Whenever a certain side wins the war , new cities and areas are unlocked and new weapons and stories are unlocked etc . And, after a while, it happens all over again. But each time it's a better story line, (they have started to connect the wars and events happening. Which is good, cause before it was utter confusion).

Overall 6/10: Overall, the graphics are not so great (with the current money rolling on the game , they could make them better or 3-D even ). There's almost no sound in the game except in a few rare moments. But the story line is getting better. I also like the battle system and the way you fight, which is turn by turn fighting, I think that is normal for a browser game . Well... mostly, this game is for anyone who likes the classic Hp, Mp, Magic, Skills, Levels, Gold, Monsters, Shops, Quests, and Turn by Turn Battle System, all the things a good classic RPG needs . Sadly, it's not an MMO-RPG like Rune Scape, Wow , its only single player, so most people who want multi-player won't fall for it easily .