Preview : Fallout III

I feel strange seeing so many game titles that end with 2,3,4 etc . I'm somehow disappointed to see that originality and fresh new ideas aren't valued things in today's game industry . Partially I understand the Big Guys that rule this industry . After all , they have mouths to feed and investors to make happy , but still , there was a time when the pure passion of making games was pretty much enough .

Anyway , maybe it's just me feeling a bit depressed today .
* slaps himself two times*

We will talk about Fallout III , but not before we make a small trip back in time and look at this titles predecessors : Fallout and Fallout 2 , (Fallout Tactics = disappointment) . What can these games offer ? A lot of violence , many ways in which the player could liberate himself from stress , good story , great punch-lines and big honking weapons . It's the perfect recipe when you add everything with care and passion . How about Fallout III ?

Fallout III brings incredible graphics , a return to the characteristics that defined the franchise : violence , blood , mutant enemies , post nuclear war setting and great story . What are some players considering a minus ? The first person view . In my opinion I think that this is an interesting addition . Where you have huge automated machine guns , you should have a first person view . I don't understand why some people are so skeptic regarding this feature when Bethesda guaranteed that there will be a 3'rd person view also .

In the game you will behave like in any other RPG . Doing missions , errands , accumulating attribute points ( I don't know what will call them ) that can be spent in skills , abilities and characteristics . The adventurer and explorer type of player will be rewarded if he searches among the ruins of what Washington DC once was because they will find nice weapons and items . The combat is breath tacking (and I think that is mostly because of the first person camera) , the players having the ability to disable or cripple the enemies , not necesarely kill them (a nice feature especially when dealing with many enemies at the same time ) .

Bethesda also promised that the story will be as juicy as before , now with the addition that will be first-rate voiceovers and full lip-synching and that players will have the freedom to choose any path they wish for their alter-ego's (good or bad) each with their pros and cons .

Launch date : Bethesda Softworks®, a ZeniMax Media company, announced today that its highly anticipated title, Fallout® 3, will be available on store shelves and online in North America on October 28, 2008 and in Europe on October 31, 2008.

As you can see , we still have time to train out fingers and prepare our gadgets before the game launches .


K9 said...

Hey man .. pretty cool posts
Hmmm a Professional Gamer
thats what i want.

Really looking forward 4 ur posts.
U are an idol man!

Rav`N said...

looks promising. Maybe we'll finally get an RPG thats engaging from start to finish. Most of them these days seam to be so repetitive. Oblivion is a prime example. Overlord was cute and kinda different. That was ok. The Witcher was repetitive for a different reason. We ended up dubbing the game The Crasher for how often it would crash. It was incredibly buggy. *lol* considering all those are original games, maybe theres good reason why we're getting so many sequel games now.

RaduU said...

rav'n .

A good point my friend . Gaming companies decide to risk less and choose an already walked path . Thus so many sequels . The only thing I have against sequels is that , very often , they prove worse than the first .