Games of Legend : Gothic II

Gothic 2 is a part of the Gothic franchise developed by Piranha Bites and published by Jowood . This game received lots of good reviews and such when it first appeared and for a good reason .

The graphic engine is the same that brought to life Gothic I , but has lots of improvements , many of these are visual or physical . The game brings a map two times larger that the map of it's predecessor , the map of the island of Khorinis . The attention for details is unmatched in any other game . Each object , building or NPC script has a spacial place in the game's big picture .

The player will find himself pretty much in the same position as he was at the begining of the first Gothic . But this time , Xardas is there to help you through the first hours of the game . In the game you will find the city of Khorinis which is the port city of the island . Everything that remains from the old settlements of the Valley Of Mines , is just the castle of the Old Camp which is now defended by a group of paladins and town militia .

The high grade of immersion that characterize the series is also present in Gothic 2 . During the day , merchants try to sell their goods , citizens talk about the latest news , master craftsmen work in their shops and guards patrol the streets or train in the barracks . In evening , people gather around camp fires , smoke , talk or cook some roasted meat . The colors , the sound and the natural way in which each NPC behaves offer an unprecedented feeling , like if you would be part of the game . Many NPC have names and are a part of the plot , because sooner or later they will give you quests . Another outstanding element of the game is the day-night circle , the weather system (sun , dynamic clouds , falling stars , rain , snow etc ) and the animal reign that behaves natural ( herbivores forage for grass or fruits , predators hunt , each animal is set in it's specific habitat ) .

The central idea in Gothic 2 is the dragon invasion , dragons that are served by ferocious lizardmen . On top of this terrible danger , the imminent orc conquest make things even worse .
The story is filed with unexpected events and flavored with action , thrill and a heap of adventure .

Even tho the game is from 2003 , the only thing that a true RPG fan could whine about are the graphics that aren't exactly Directx 10 , but regarding any other aspect the game is flawless .

Here are some pics from the game , in order for you to see the graphics .

Rating 9.1