News : Overlord II

The game is in full development at Triumph Studios and it will be launched in 2009 on PC, PS3 and Xbox360. At the same time 2 more expansions are on the way : Overlord: Dark Legend for Nintendo Wii and Overlord Minions for Nintendo DS.

Barry Jafrato, Senior Vice President of Brand,

Codemasters: "As a million-plus seller Overlord is now a significant brand in the ever-growing Codemasters portfolio. With specific titles published across major formats and download content available, Overlord has established a huge cult following and won widespread critical acclaim. We’re delighted to have the despot back for this three-game, five-format product line. With Triumph’s hugely impressive vision for Overlord II and bespoke titles for Wii and Nintendo DS, Overlord is set to dominate in 2009."