Review : Beowulf

For those that never heard about this name , a small introduction is needed . Beowulf is the most known hero of the Nordic mithology . He is known for slaying sea monsters, dragons , trolls and other mighty beasts and he is also known for seducing beautiful women .

I must admit I was pretty impressed with this game when I first saw it . Why ? It's because this game was launched due to the latest released movie of the franchise . Because every game that is developed under this therms has thousands of bugs (because of the tight dead-lines) I thought that this one will have the same problems . I admit. I was wrong (yes , I said it ) . Ubisoft made the impossible and launched a bug-free game .

Gameplay : Barbarian Style

Like in any RPG the player will do quests , hunt monsters and enemies for precious loot and sometimes save the day . This one makes no exception and the player will be happy to see that the games offers plenty of each and even more . Our hero can receive companions , some times a good bunch of them . The hard part is not controlling them , but the casting of auras , shouts and chants that aids them in the struggle . Throwing you and you're group head on into the enemies won't be a good tactic . The enemies will usually swarm our hero but do not worry because he has all the keys to defeat them . An interesting addition , is the close combat situation , when our hero finds himself fighting with an opponent only using his body . This was already implemented in games like Jericho . By pressing the right keys at the right moment the player will be able to defeat the enemy or , in case of failure , the enemy will escape the fight for a moment in which he will grab his weapon back .

Graphics : Barbaric-bloody style

The graphics are good and are perfect for a violent game like this one . Our hero will decapitate , break bones , crush skulls , remove vertebral spines from his enemies and other nasty things . Blur , shadow and antialising effects that added with a respectable quantity of blood will make you cry of joy (I'm joking , true barbarians don't cry ! ) .

If you're stressed and feel like beating up someone try this game . Fun and violence are guaranteed . Not to add that you're smaller brother will be thankful that he escaped a good beat at least this time :P .

Game address : http://pc.gamezone.com/gamesell/p32641.htm Rating 8.1


Muckbeast said...

When you review a game, could you put a link to the game's web site somewhere in the review?

If you did, I missed it. :)

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dansliver said...

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RaduU said...

@ muckbeast .

Well pointed out my friend . I feel ashamed that I forgot something as practical as game links .

Ty .