Review : Empire Earth III

The guys from Sierra insisted in giving us some new examples concerning game development and design . I was kind enough to gather them in one big pile of .... examples . Here it goes :

Example Number 1 : " Not like this ! "

First , I admit that I never really enjoyed playing the rest of the games from Empire Earth series because I felt sick only thinking at a game where half naked club-men fight with super high-tech combat plains . But , at that time I said nothing because I was thinking that gaming is all about taste . With the launch of Empire Earth III , things started to change .

Example Number 2 : " Terrible ! "

This guys from Sierra deserve no mercy . Come on people ! This guys wanna take our money with this so called game ?! First I tried to include the game in a historical context . My efforts proven useless because there is no such thing . Olmecs in Great Britain and elephants in Germany ??! What are they talking about ? Ok. Maybe if you are really ignorant or you just feel the incredible urge to continue to play the game you will soon find you're self in a bigger mess . There is no campaign in the game . Just a mini game , RISK like . After some hours of terrible gameplay you will be amazed seeing that you're medieval cavalry sits next to you're MIG plains and that you're enemy sends genetic modified soldiers to destroy you .Just take a moment and imagine the horror of the situation .

Example Number 3 : " Blind ! "

If you , my reader , still have the eyes to read the grotesque stupidity of the examples presented by this game , please continue onwards . Let's head to path-finding . I doubt sincerely that this is the right word for it , but I feel that I was partially transformed into a 'vegetable' after I played this game . So , the units path-finding is very unique . If you send one group of soldiers to a respective point three things will happen : First , some of them will block and take another route to that point , even tough there was no visible obstacle in their path . Second , many of the units will 'forget' the order you gave them 5 seconds ago and return to idle . Third , there are times when all of the above happen at the same time , repeatedly , for every command you issue . Think about how frustrating it is when you're enemy is on a straight path to destroy you .

Example Number 4 : " Use glasses (if not yet blind) ! "

The graphic engine it's different . So different that I'm not sure it is from this planet ! Maybe it was designed for a race that doesn't see in colors or that maybe has poor eye-sight because the colors and textures used are trash . The text can barely be read , and when you have a base to build , technologies to develop and units to train (units that never obey any commands) this turns into a headache .

I've done my part and tried to warn you . If you decide to buy the game , then I'm sorry for you . If you already bought it , then I'm very sorry for you .

Game adress : http://empireearth.com/splash/ Rating 4.8


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