Boxhead Review

Today's browser game is Boxhead - made in Flash . A game designed and developed by Sean Cooper , a game industry veteran . The game is fully free (which means no fees at all , no membership options etc) .


Thumb UP : - Sean took a can , threw in there some zombies , a lot of action and fun , shook it well and the result was Boxhead . The game has simple gameplay accessible to anyone and it is fast paced making it perfect for killing time when at work or when you are at home while verifying emails or blogging .

The player can choose from a variety of rooms each requiring a different strategy regarding zombie killing . After the room is selected the game starts without any delay . You will find you're self controlling a hero type character made from boxes which is armed with a normal pistol . Blood thirsty zombies made also by boxes will charge (I use this word as a figure of speech because in fact they are slow) at you're position . At first will be easy because the spawns aren't s o often and large but as the game progresses , you will have to defeat more and more opponents .
The good news is that you're small box-man won't be left without an impressive arsenal of weapons some of them bringing extreme firepower . By killing zombies the hero will receive lots of weapon and ammo upgrades that will aid him greatly in the struggle .

The game has no ending , the central idea is to survive as much as possible . Big time = many kills = a lot of score points which are ultimately stored under you're name . So yeah , another game where you can brag about you're achievements :P .

Thumbs Down : - There are some inconvenients like the fact that :
the game is not a persistent world ( you're actions will not influence anyone else actions) .
there is no real end so the satisfaction of wining over the legions of mindless zombies doesn't exist .
after a while it gets repetitive .
very few elements of multiplayer (only some rooms have cooperative maps and by cooperative I mean no more than 2 players ) .

Bottom-line ? A fun and simple game . In my opinion , if you like casual games , Boxhead is 'a must try' .