News : Project Origin

Do you remember Alma ? The small girl from F.E.A.R. which seems to be inspired by the ghost from The Grudge movies . Well , I have good news for you , she is back . This time in the latest game created by the guys from Monolith : Project Origin . A predictable name concerning the fact that this was the item that concentrated the entire plot in F.E.A.R. What we can expect ? More weapons , different location , special skills and new enemies , which in my opinion are designed by a very wicked mind (please look at the trailers in order to understand what I mean ) . Also , they promise that the game will have the same intense horror action that consecrated the previous games .

The game begins a few moment before F.E.A.R. ends , when Alma unleashes a massive explosion over the town and summons untold horrors . An unlucky special ops team was unlucky enough to be in a mission in the town at that time . From now on , all bets are off and the action can begin !

Project Origin is promised for launch this Fall , until then you can watch two trailers that I added to the post .