WeeWar is an online game that lets players battle each other to win the war, of course. There are lots of units to choose from each with their own special abilities and drawbacks .

The game is simplistic in design, but fun to play. You can practice your strategy, join existing games, start your own, or observe games that are currently in action. The homepage features a live ticker of everything that’s going on with live games on the site. You can stay abreast of which users are taking which actions in their respective games. Unfortunately, the ticker updates so fast, it’s hard to click on a game for more details. There is a community involved with WeeWar as well. You can make friends, check out their WeeWar ranking, view their recent opponents and invite them to your games.

What’s more, one of the WeeWar users has recently made a video of the game being played on the iPhone. Watch it here on the WeeWar blog. Who wouldn’t want to play a battle game using a touch screen?

If you like a fast paced RTS style game that requires little of your time that weewar is perfect .