Preview MMORPG : Darkfall Online

It's for the first time when I see hope in a MMORPG made by a Indie developer . Yes ! I can see the light , the spark inside this game . For 3 years I am watching this game grow and receiving more good feedback each time . I present you Darkfall Online a MMORPG developed by Aventurine , a greek game company not larger than Turbine's or FunCom's screenshot preparation team .

On the games site you will find numerous features , some can already be seen in other MMORPGs but other are unique and truly remarcable . Yes , sure , I heard many times new companies bragging about features that ultimately are never implemented and the games turn to be total disasters , but I am impressed to see that this is not the case with Darkfall Online . Here are just some of the features taken from the site and only those that the company proven to us that exist (by the means of videos , screenshots , conventions) .

Explore five continents, countless small islands, trackless underwater depths, and a sprawling underworld. Hundreds of dungeons and adventure areas await.

Play any of Agon's six dominant races. Each race has a unique set of abilities, as well as its own civilization, culture, and way of life.

Meet hundreds of unique monsters, and take them on in their lairs, strongholds and domains. Repetitive monster encounters are a thing of the past.

Travel through geographically diverse regions that are alive with plants, trees, birds, animals, and even insects.

Experience a world brought to life by real-world physics and dynamic lighting and shadows. Watch trees and grass sway in the wind as sunlight peeks through passing clouds. Observe the movements of Agon's twin moons, which are part of a dynamic planetary system with smooth day/night cycles. Sail your ship through rough seas, then become hampered by fog as the waters calm. Struggle as your battlefield-bound army marches into a severe storm. In Darkfall, the weather is more than just window dressing.

Darkfall's terrain has been painstakingly hand-crafted by our artists, rather than conveniently auto-generated. This means non-repetitive, unpredictable, and unique locations to explore, discover and use. Darkfall's world is full of wonders, small and large.

Enjoy the smooth and flowing gameplay, the fast paced action, and the highly responsive controls. You can forget about point - click - and wait: In Darkfall, the action is real-time and your character feels like an extension of yourself.
(on comparison to other MMORPG's that were bragging with this feature , Darkfall really has it implemented in it's true meaning - see the attached gameplay movies).

Develop your character in any way you want at any time without penalties . Say goodbye to the times when you had to start a new character all over again because you misplaced one attribute point , talent or skillpoint .
(Here the game is very much alike to Dungeon Siege games where in order to develop a skill , profession or attribute you had to do a specific task , not killing the same monster all day in order to receive bits of experience that ultimately convert into a level .)

In Darkfall, all items in the world can be made by the players. (I believe that this tells you all about the types of professions available in the game) .

Darkfall is optimized for both player versus player action and for massive battles.

Choose from a great variety of weapons, armors, hundreds of offensive and defensive spells, and special attacks. Construct and use ships , vehicles , guild cities , forts , outposts . Ride mounts in battle and use them for organized cavalry charges .

There are no safe zones in Darkfall. The only protection you can count on is your friends watching your back. (in my opinion this is a bit to harsh aspecialy for players that aren't hardcore pvp'ers )

Darkfall combines Massively Multiplayer Role playing, Real Time Strategy, and Action gaming, extending the competitive environment on many different levels.

Top clans and top individual players from various gaming genres will be there, along with over ten thousand simultaneous players per world (I'm not sure about this part , maybe the beta will clarify this one).

Darkfall offers you more ways to give feedback, and more ways to collaborate with the Darkfall Team in the evolution of the game. Your voice is heard loud and clear.
(you should see the forum , it's amazing).

That's about all the features currently implemented in the game .

I wan't to make it clear that everything posted here is not advertisement , all of that I posted here is implemented and that everyone , with a bit of research , can find .

For conclusion here is a large gameplay trailer with no editing or scripting splitted in 6 parts :