Review : Gears of War goes PC

The Rebirth

Launched over a year ago for Xbox 360, Gears of War was an extraordinary game, with beautiful backgrounds , superb graphics , good cinematic and a well built gameplay component . It's no surprise that the game turned over night 'a must have' for any Xbox 360 fan boy and determined people to go and buy their own console . The game was noticed by Microsoft and here we are , Epic Games bring to PC players a better version than the 360 one .

Emergence Day

Meet Marcus Fenix, a soldier accused of war crimes and treason , left to rot in a military prison . His „luck” is that a mutant race decide to invade planet Sera, destroying it's larger cities one by one , determining the Coalition of Ordered Governments (COG) to free all the prisoners and send them on the battlefields to fight the Locust .

The story in Gears of War is thin and pretty linear , rarely the player has the chance to choose between different endings . The control is made from keyboard and mouse and the game was clearly made to run like this . Then why it was launched first on the console ? My advice is that you search how many consoles did Microsoft sell because of this game and you will have you're answer .

Bing Bang Boom!

Marcus has a 'sweet' arsenal of weapons and gadgets that aid him to achieve victory , from which we can provide the Gnasher shotgun , assault riffle , sniper , grenades aaand ... Hammer of Dawn. Hammer of Dawn, is the most powerful weapon in the game designed to destroy 'bosses' , but it can be only use outside because in fact the weapon is used like a beacon placer for a 'ray of death' sent from a satellite . Fans of Unreal Tournament 2004 will find this weapon very similar to the Ion Painter , with the only difference that the Hammer of Dawn has a smaller area of effect while the Ion Painter can pulverise everything on a radius of 100 meters .

The AI is decent . Your comrades can be ordered to regroup or attack distinct enemies . I must confess that they saved my ass a few times but I can't forget the pathetic moments when they decide to shoot in a rock because a Locust hides behind it while his whole back is unprotected . Geez !

The developers offered us a tweaked game , not the direct source that you can find for 360 . They added 5 more chapters to the campaign and many mini-games to multiplayer like : King of the Hill , Boss killing , Capture the Flag etc . The game is highly recommended to be played in coop mode .

Gears of War is a astonishing game , with graphics that surpass those from Xbox 360. I'm glad that I managed to play it on a high-end system that allows me to activate DirectX 10 (nonexistent, if you ask me) and Anti-Aliasing, because that is the only way to see the difference .

Rating 9.6


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