Preview : Golden Axe - Beast Rider

Sega and Secret Level will launch this fall a new action-RPG. The game's name is Golden Axe : Beast Rider and if you ask me this new RPG holds a lot of promise . We all seen and played hack-and-slash'es , action-RPG , and some of us even had the unique opportunity to enjoy Planescape Torment , but be serious people... did you ever played a RPG that blends character with mount/pet in such a way ?

The thing in the game is that you play with this nameless chick that beats the crap out of any opponent that she sees . The thing is that she is a sort of a mixture between barbarian woman and pet master because she tends to call pretty often mighty beasts to do her bidding and to aid her in the struggle .

The action is again a blend between something like God of War , regarding special effects , camera panning and speed , and games like Dark Messiah of Might and Magic that uses a lot of engine physics ( you can throw your enemies in spikes , roll large stones over them , crumbling columns etc) .

There are three ways to battle : you can fight alone , only with your character and when the time is right , you can call your beast which again can fight alone or together with the character (mounted or side by side) .

I doubt that there will be many items to choose from because this is not a hack-and-slash or adventure-RPG so the players that enjoy reading huge numbers , colored in pink or blue and that love to boil the game down to equations , won't be impressed . From what you can see from the trailer , there will be the old arsenal like swords , axes , armors that cover as little as possible (let's not forget that the game has a heroine , and yes , sex does sell) .

Also there seems to be magic in the game , now it isn't sure if it is a separated path to choose or it's just a small pack of spells used to aid the melee combat and beast charming .

As the time closes on the launching date I will return with further info regarding the game and I think it deserves a review also . Enjoy the trailer I attached .