News : The Witcher Enhanced Edition

The guys from CD Projekt recently announced that they launched the enhanced version of The Witcher . Frankly I don't understand why they did this . Yeah , sure , the game was good and they did a good job so now they want to be known as a company that does everything right , but franly I doubt it that this will be an excuse for the money thrwon on development in this year after the games launch .

Anyway , this re-launch brings bug fixing and minor combat enhancements (nothing that a simple patch couldn't do ) , but the real changes are represented by the 2000 lines of dialogue that were remade , new animations and new textures for the vharacters in the world .

Good for them , but I sure won't play the game again just because they did this enhancement without bringing any changes or aditions to gameplay . Maybe they were smart if they did something like Piranha Bytes did with Gothic 2 ( I confess that I finished Gothic II and it's expansion about 6 times in total ) . The Witcher is huge and very well designed but I find to few reasons to replay this game just for these enhancements . Come on guys ! This is not a MMORPG .....

Any way . They seem to be filled with good news because they also stated that the people that already bought the game will have the option to dawnload all these changes .

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