Top 10 Sexy Moments in Games (10-6)

#10 BloodRayne 2 - [ PS2 ]

Being a semi-nude half-vampire, BloodRayne needs to feed to succeed. It's just a bit unfortunate that the feeding part tends to leave a veritable trail of bodies in her wake. But oh boy, those feedings aren't to be missed! With enough erotic groans and moans to make even a porno producer blush, BloodRayne makes our top list of sexy gaming moments. As for that neck wound, you'll probably want to see a doctor.

#9 Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude - [ PS2 ]

If only more games could remind us of our "first time," no matter how sick and abhorrent it was. First, there are a number of great things at work in the Twiggy sex scene: a sexually desperate college student, a hot-to-trot band girl, and one gigantic tree costume. What follows is perhaps one of the most memorable video game sex scenes, and one that has deep personal significance for us. Let's hear it for Larry for taking wood to a whole new level!

#8 Bubble Bath Babes - [ NES ]

Before there was Hot Coffee there was Bubble Bath Babes, a game that showed that even the most pixilated of naked ladies was a fair substitute for the real thing. While a pretty simplistic puzzle game at its core, the game rewarded skilled players with sexy images of women in progressive stages of undress as they progressed through the game. You could cut the sexual tension with a knife. Really.

#7 Britney's Dance Beat - [ PS2 ]

Oh Britney, we're all slaves 4 U! America's favorite wet dream finally comes in game form and wouldn't you know it, we all get to push her buttons. Amazingly enough, the virtual Britney looked pretty good, whether she was gyrating, dancing, thrusting, or twirling around like a freshman after two beers. And thanks to some real-life music video footage that played in the background, gamers got a double dose of the virtual vixen.

#6 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - [ PS2 ]

While the ESRB and politicians may be up in arms over a little spilt hot coffee in GTA San Andreas, we think they're overlooking the beautiful idea of one man in the ghetto finding true love...with multiple women...in multiple positions. It's really like a fairy tale when you think about it. The only thing that creeps us out is that CJ never seems to take his pants off during any of his amorous adventures.

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