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Arrr ! Today's browser game is a not really a browser game , it's not even a real MMORPG becuase it doesn't have the basic RPG elements and it's not really free because there is a subscription for those who wanna see the other half of the game . If you didn't understood what I just said don't panic , is nothing wrong with you . It's just rubish pirate talk and I chosen to review this game because thin month will be the Talk like a Pirate day .

Puzzle Pirates is an MMO without the RPG -- a persistent world, with persistent characters, where the goal of the game is something besides killing monsters to get xp. Scandalous!

In case the title is too ambiguous, Puzzle Pirates is a massive multiplayer puzzle game where the player accomplishes piratey deeds by doing puzzles. Skill has nothing to do with stats or gear and everything to do with a player's actual mastery of the game's puzzles. Every possible pirate pastime -- from sailing and swordfighting to drinking and playing cards -- has a corresponding puzzle game to be mastered. Many of the puzzles aren't far removed from familiar favorites. For instance, pumping the bilge from a boat requires playing a game not far removed from Bejeweled, sword fighting will be easy for anyone well practiced at Puzzle Fighter, and patching holes blown in the hull requires the careful placement of pentomino shaped boards.

Puzzle Pirates is one of those games that will give you simple ideas and suck you in with them, never letting go. Puzzle Pirates is based around the concept of using a variety of short puzzle games to interact with the game, with the setting, of course, being piracy on the high seas.

Different puzzles will affect different aspects of the game. For example, when sailing a ship to pillage goods and money from enemies, the Sailing puzzle will affect a ship's speed, the Gunning puzzle will load the cannons for a captain to fire at the enemy, the Carpentry puzzle fixes damage done to your ship, and the Bilge puzzle pumps out water from the hull. All of them collaborate together and affect the overall effort of the crew on board.

Of course, there are plenty of puzzle for the landlubber types too. You can challenge other players to a Swordfight or Drinking puzzle, hold tournaments with big prizes, or just chill on the docks, chatting with mates from all over the oceans.

One aspect that catches many players' fancy is the completely player-driven economy. Players have the opportunity to open shops of various types, from an iron monger that makes swords and cannonballs, to a distillery that makes rum and oils, to an apothecary that makes paints and dyes, to a weavery to make cloth, or a tailor that makes clothing, or a shipwrightery that builds vessels of all sizes. Each type of shop is unique, and each one will soon have its own labor puzzle that contributes to production of goods.

Ah yes, that brings me to an important point: Puzzle Pirates is not a complete game, in a "final gold copy" sense of the term. The developers are hard at work all the time, adding new features quite often, with new puzzles and goods being introduced every month or so. Not only that, the player community is constantly involved in the changes development of the game. Many people say that the community itself is part of the big attraction to the game. I myself have made many friends (and a few enemies) in my months playing Puzzle Pirates, and it has never had a dull moment.

If you love puzzle games, check it out. If you love economic challenges in a game, check it out. Hell, just check it out anyways. You can download the free trial from the Puzzle Pirates website. Three Rings Design has a big hit on its hands here, so jump on board before this ship hits the wide open seas.


Muckbeast said...

This game is a monster. Its success has been absolutely enormous. Games like this, Habbo Hotel, Club Penguin, and Runescape show that WoW is not the only game with millions of users.

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